Our Mission

Knockout has one goal in mind: change the way individuals and corporations interact with the 3D world. We’re leading the custom revolution, from personalized software to custom fit prosthetics and equipment. We have your back from start to finish, from idea to execution, from scan to final product.

Who are we?

Creators. Inventors. 3D Rebels. We are a team of PhDs, MDs, Engineers, and Architects that are continually evolving the new industry standard for 3D scanning software. The future is not flat and we are the ones readying Mobile 3D Scanning for the masses.

What do we do?

We build 3D Software, lead custom projects in the physical world, and support movers and shakers looking to integrate 3D scanning into a workflow. Our proprietary algorithms power the fastest and highest resolution Mobile 3D Scans available to date.

Where do you fit?

Every team of visionaries needs partners that are ready to push the limits of what’s possible with today’s tech. We can’t wait to show you what Mobile 3D Scanning can do to evolve your current workflow.