Knockout has been pioneering the Mobile 3D Scanning space for the past 3 years. Our team of PhDs, MDs and Engineers are continually evolving the new industry standard for 3D scanning software.

Our proprietary algorithms power the fastest and highest
resolution Mobile 3D Scans possible today.

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KS1 | Mobile 3D Scanner

Supremely accurate, intensely mobile, curiously dynamic
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Knockout works with pioneering industries to integrate 3D scanning into their workflows. Our proprietary software can be tailored to fit your companies needs, or we can work with you from the ground up. Every customer is an essential part of furthering our technology.

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custom fit wrist guards
November 30

KS1 - Custom Fit Wrist Braces

The KS1, Knockout's mobile 3D scanner, is at its core a tool. How you want to use it is entirely up to you, but there is absolutely no doubt that the functionality of the device opens up a whole new world for your workflow. We are constantly featuring how other people use the mobile 3D scanner, so we decided to share some of the projects we have going on here at Knockout HQ.

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November 23

The Future of 3D Scanning

If you're asking yourself what 3D scanning is, you're probably not the only one confused. It's a rather strange concept to comprehend, and looking past scanning things for fun is sometimes difficult. However, once you start to look at 3D scanning as a tool in your workflow, the possibilities are limitless. Combine a 3D scanner with a 3D printer, like you would a 2D scanner with an inkjet, and the possibilities are infinite.

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3d scanning in the classroom
November 16

KS1 in The Classroom

Western Reserve Academy and Olentangy High School are using the KS1 to teach their students about the power of a 3D workflow. By combining 3D scanning and 3D printing, the students understand the capabilities of additive manufacturing and learn how to manipulate objects in three dimensional programs.